How to Remove Eye Bags Potent BIAO

How to Remove Eye Bags Potent

The age factor can not be fooled. Age means that the reduced elasticity of the skin especially facial skin. See, the kid never had a problem with eye bags, while older adults are likely to have eye bags. 

  • For a woman must have eye bags would be very disturbing appearance, below I'll explain a little cause of eye bags and how to treat itlack of rest or sleep deprivation can lead to eye bags, but the excess hours of sleep is also not justified.
  •  Excess sleep can also make the eyes puffy and unhealthy. Therefore, the most appropriate way is to set sleep time for balance and moderation.
  • Therefore to guard it, preferably before bed we use eye creams that we apply in the area around the eyes to maintain skin elasticity
  • Excessive stress can also cause eye marsupial. Therefore, for any problems we are facing, you should not worry about it deeply or reasonable, because it would interfere with our appearance, especially the face. 
  • cucumber into thin slices, then put on the eye. Rileksasikan our minds and do regularly. It is believed to reduce eye bags.
  • eye compress with ice cubes is also one way that can be used to reduce eye bags. 
  • white water is believed to overcome all kinds of diseases one of which is lower eyelids. To eliminate eye bags, many-many are regularly drinking water.
Hopefully the above can help you who have problems with eye bags.