How to make your own acrylic nails BIAO

How to make your own acrylic nails

Women definitely want to always look beautiful and fascinating at all times and many ways that women do to get it from start to toe and one of his beautify nails usingacrylic, if you possessed limited to beautify them selves and maybe you will ask how where I create acrylic nails your self ? way its very easy and you can do your self at home so this time I will share ways to beautify yourself by use of acrylic nails

Here is the Ingredients and how to make your own acrylic nails
  • Save the acrylic liquid in the glass (special acrylic)
  • Prepare the brush and coat with liquid acrylic
  • Prepare the acrylic powder and dip the brush that was in the wet
  • Put acrylic spheres that formed in the tip of the brush into the acrylic shape
  • press slowly
  • put acrylic on the nail shape and bend the mold slowly upwards
  • acrylic which has been formed will arise and stick on nails
  • If you use white acrylic paint nails please your taste
hopefully a way to make acrylic nails can be useful to you warm greetings and good luck always