Tips to Beautify the eyebrows BIAO

Tips to Beautify the eyebrows

Tips to Beautify the eyebrows
There are always Airways to make a woman look more beautiful and fascinating andone of Them by Improving the appearance of eyebrows.eyebrows have an Importantrole in determining a person's facial impression for example thick, dark eyebrows Willgive the impression of strict or stern eyebrow events shape can make people lookolder or younger, the ideal eyebrow shape is usually curved in accordance with thenatural curve of the bone above the eye

Some women may prefer to come to the salon to change his style of eyebrows Had Because it has not the courage to do it myself and my purpose writing tips for eyebrows is to help beautify Those of you WHO want to try to do it at home, Will maybe now you ask how the which-way to Beautify eyebrows? I'll give the answerplease follow these steps:

  • Eliminate excess fur eyebrows (eyebrow hair cut That Exceeds your eyebrow shape)
  • Determine the outside corner of eyebrow (make a benchmark of where your brow pointends)
  • Find the angle of the eyebrows (this serves to mark the point where your eyebrows will from the start)
  • Define eyebrows arch angle (function to find the highest point of the arch of his eyebrows)
  • Draw a picture (sketch eyebrow shape you want)
  • Fur trim eyebrows
That Draw your eyebrow hairs have been marked by SLOWLY and note the changeson your face to Ensure an eyebrow picture you want, my advice if you want to Pluckmy eyebrows after a bath Because it Will do little to Reduced the Pain
I hope this article helpful and good luck at home

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