Make The Lips more beautiful and fascinating BIAO

Make The Lips more beautiful and fascinating

Every woman would want to always look beautiful and fascinating, and this time I will share tips to make your lips look more beautiful and fascinating, lip is where the entry of food and drinks every day in frequencies are quite a lot. Though the food and the drink could have contained a substance that can damage the lip.

Lack of vitamin C, it can cause cracked lips become dry and cracked other than that if you lack vitamin C intake will create bad breath and canker sores, certainly it would be very disturbing all the activity around your lips, the above problem is common if we in take of vitamin C that is inconsistent with the body we need is 50mg per day.

If you have any problems at the suggestion that you change your eating patterns are irregular and regular eating fruits rich in vitamin C like oranges, melons, kiwi, and the most important thing is to drink 8 glasses of water every day
Back at the core of the discussion that makes lips look beautiful and fascinating, please follow the tips below:

Use honey
Native bee honey contains high levels of pure sugar which can nourish the lips and moisturizes. Put honey before bed helps naturally more moist lips. If you are in the place cold temperature or hot, honey may help the health of the lips. Dab on the lips at least 2X a week if there is no natural honey, you can replace it with grated plant aloe vera, avocado, or carrot.

Do not get used to lick his lips.
Saliva or saliva, contain certain enzymes that can cause irritation of the outermost layer of the lips. It can even cause the lips become dry. To moisturize the lips during the day you can add lipbalm. Use lipbalm containing moisturizers, vitamin E, and also containing a UV-protection.

Be careful when washing the face
When you wash your face with facial cleanser, avoid the affected lip. Cleaning products face (facial scrubs, peels, face masks, etc.) containing the active substance, granular scrub, and the liquid foam is quite strong and rough when exposed to the lips. This makes the lips become dry because of irritation to the skin a smooth outer lips. If you want to clean lips, just use a special scrub for lips.

Please try the above tips to your lips look more beautiful and fascinating, good luck.

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