Powerful Tips To Enhance The Eye BIAO

Powerful Tips To Enhance The Eye

the Eye  are one important part of the human body that is the reason why we should routinely maintain the eye health,the eye one senses that many women preferred because the eye can make a woman look more beautiful and fascinating. If your eye wants to look beautiful and healthy please read the instructions below

Here are tips to enhance the eye :

If you have eyes that were located far from each other, then start with light-colored eye shadow swept the whole eyelid. then add a slightly darker color in petals the eye, before use the eye liner on the upper lashes.

If your eyes are less wide, try using a concealer with a brighter color than the skin on the eyelid. Add type matte eye shadow and brush on some of the eyelid. Use eyeliner, starting from the inside of the eye and pull out to frame your eyes. Do not forget to give a touch of gray on the outside of the nose.

the Eye glaze can be tricked by applying eye shadow on the outer eyelid so as to form like a cat's eye. Add a bit of bright color on the brow and did not need to wear eyeliner, because it will further make the eye look glazed. We recommend using mascara and use a little silver on the inside of the eyelid, which will make the eyes look lifted.

In order to view the impression in the eyes and sunken, use a medium color on the eyelids, and Dab a bit dark in the crease of the eyelid. and also using the eyeliner from the inside of the eye to the outside and add some bright color on the brow bone.
Regularly consume vitamin E is very beneficial for beautify and thicken the eyelashes will make your eyes look more beautiful and fascinating

use a moisturizer and prepare a few drops of lemon juice and olive oil and rub with cotton on the lashes and let a few minutes, I recommend to do this routine every month and you will feel the results