Choose The Appropriate Hair Style Body Shape BIAO

Choose The Appropriate Hair Style Body Shape

Apart form of facial hair styles can also be in conformity with the shape of the body to make you more confident and charming, how to choose a hairstyle to suit body shape? below I will give you tips for choosing a hair style that suits your body shape

• athletic fit body shape with the short hair style with layers and can
also uses the style of long hair on the back
• pear body shape typically fits with the short hair style up to his chin, feminine style is somewhat contained. But if you want to use this hair style should be tailored to the shape of the face.
• If you have a skinny body I recommend to choose the style and make wavy shoulder-length hair or layered functions for the body look fuller and avoid hair styles short and straight as it will add to the impression of your body look thinner
• Hair Style and given long layers on the side of the face is perfect for those of you who have a form of body fat, my advice is avoid the short and curly hairstyle as it will only increase the effect of fat on your body
• If your body shape is very tall and thin, choose a long hair style as part of your head looks proportionate to your body.

Make yourself more confident and look more attractive in a way Choose hair style to match your body shape and do not forget to always take care of your hair health because it is an asset of infinite