get to know your skin type BIAO

get to know your skin type

Not everyone has a healthy and beautiful skin because everyone has different skin types such normal skin, oily skin is an important part of our body as healthy and beautiful skin can support the appearance, below I will give some examples of types of skin and its characteristic features so you can choose a cosmetic product that matches your skin type because it has a healthy and beautiful skin has always been a dream of all people, especially women

Normal skin
This type of leather is very soft and has no oil or wrinkled areas because it contains water with a PH balanced evenly so this type of skin has always been a dream of all people especially the women, if you are particularly a type of skin I recommend more careful choosing cosmetic products because if you let one choose will be fatal for your skin
Keep your skin well because this type of skin rarely is owned by a woman one of them with regular cleaning using a mild facial cleanser because it will keep the pores remain meetings and other important things you should do is eat, drink and exercise regularly

Sensitive skin
You must be smart to choose cosmetic products for skin type is because if one will cause irritation to the skin, the skin is very reactive to external objects that enter the skin
I suggest you should look for products labeled for sensitive skin or skin products that contain anti-inflammatory herbs such as chamomile or aloe soothe your skin to stay awake

Oily Skin
Oily skin is caused by heredity and genes are too many processes in the breakdown of glucose in body fluids and the inclusion of salt can be a major problem in the problem of oily skin, If you have any type of skin you have to do is to keep moisture from the pores so as not to clog due to will cause acne so you have to choose beauty products that contain water so it does not clog pores

Before you buy beauty products I suggest that you know the type of skin and consult a doctor because if you use the wrong type of product would be fatal for your skin, your skin care is always good because it is an asset that is not limited