Tips on Caring Nails Stay Beautiful And Healthy BIAO

Tips on Caring Nails Stay Beautiful And Healthy

Tips on Caring Nails Stay Beautiful And Healthy
After I discussed earlier about how to make acrylic nails this time I will shareTips on Caring Nails Stay Beautiful And Healthy, nails are one important part of the body because the nail has many functions in the petrified our daily activities also in terms of beauty because it serves as the body's natural accessories So treat your nails properly.
Please follow the instructions below to keep your nails healthy and beautiful:

1. Avoid bad habits that can damage the nail
Do not do strenuous activities that involve the nail directly without the help of special equipment because it can make the skin wound or irritation, and create a reduced dirty nails or nail beauty and Do not cut nails too often because it can make the development and growth of the nails are not good. use special-cuticle scissors to cut the cuticles that grow around the nails. Do not cut with ordinary scissors if not expert.

2. Keep the humidity level Nails
Use a moisturizer after a long time in hot environments. So even if the nail too prolonged exposure to direct sunlight. Too long in the water after washing and swim like a good idea to nail moisturizers are not easily damaged.

3. tips on using nail polish
How to use finger nail polish that is by rubbing the brush horizontally from right and left and then vertically down over the edge. If there is excess paint that do not use cotton or paper towels, but disposable manicure sticks made of wood
I suggest that if you want to remove nail polish do not scrape your nails with sharp objects and so on, but use a special cleaning liquid nails

Tips hopefully take care stay beautiful and healthy nails can be useful for you