Powerful Tips to Eliminate And Prevent Acne BIAO

Powerful Tips to Eliminate And Prevent Acne

After the previous post I discussed about how to care for maintain and healthy skin this time I will provide powerful tips to eliminate and prevent acne

Everyone would want a healthy and clean face of acne because the first thing that is shown when you meet someone face to prevent pimples occur on the face we have to regularly maintain the cleanliness because if we clean skin acne will not hesitate to stop in our face, maybe now you ask how to eliminate and prevent acne growing on your face? if you want to do this please follow the steps below:

1. Washing your face
Washing your face with a routine will help remove the oil on the skin surface, but the advice dont excessive facial wash because it will increase oil production sobaceous which can cause skin problems on the face.

2. choose cosmetics that matches your skin type
You must be smart to choose cosmetics because if either would be fataly for your skin and my advice before you buy cosmetics make sure that the product it matches your skin type so
be careful in choosing cosmetics.

3. use a skin moisturizer
Using a moisturizer will help to nourish our skin, especially from dry skin and broken.However moisturizer here does not mean that greasy moisturizer

4. regularly consume vegetables and fruits.
By regularly consuming fruit and vegetables will make your skin healthy and acne will be difficult to grow and develop. I recommend to choose fruits and vegetables that contain vitamin E

5. Regular sleep
Get used to regular sleep because then the skin will regenerate and toxic dangerous, so when we woke up the next day we will be fresh skin.

I hope this article useful for you ,GBU